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About National Traffic Safety Institute

Jeffrey M. Chase, Ph.D, pioneered the concept of a defensive driving program for citation dismissal. Founded in 1974, the National Traffic Safety Institute (NTSI) was the first program of its kind and remains the largest for-profit company and most innovative provider of collision prevention and driver safety programs in the U.S. NTSI has been the recognized leader in traffic safety education nationally. Our innovative approach to driving safety stresses personal accountability as the participants explore an interactive curriculum based upon proven behavioral modification principals. We believe drivers understand the importance of following safety standards and stress personal choice as a means of effecting a positive change in driving behavior. Our driving courses are geared toward individuals who are in need of court diversion, insurance and point reduction, or for employer requirement.


NTSI added to its services and created its Fleet Division. This division was created for companies across the nation to train their employees to be safer drivers. NTSI provides curriculum for the employees and trains the instructors to teach personal accountability and safe driving best practices. Many of our clients are Fortune 500 companies who praise our work and curriculum as their employees reduce their collision and personal injury rates.