Vans & High Profile Vehicles

Vans & High Profile Vehicles Program

The National Traffic Safety Institute developed the Van & High Profile Vehicle Program as a one hour course that can be taught as an additional module to the SAFER Driver™ Program or as an independent training unit. This program is available online, in a classroom setting, or Train-the-Trainer. The Van & High Profile Vehicle Program introduces van operators to the dangers of operating a van or SUV. The program explores how speed, weight ratio, and center of gravity play an important role in the operation of a large vehicle.

Learning Objectives

  • Train fleet drivers to be safe and responsible van drivers
  • Educate fleet drivers about the hazards of driving a van, and train drivers how to minimize those hazards
  • Introduce fleet drivers to the dynamics of van operation
  • Emphasize the importance of pre-trip inspection

Consumer Base

The Van & High Profile Vehicle Program was developed for use by organizations seeking to limit their fleets’ exposure to risk. Anyone who operates a van, SUV, or light truck is encouraged to complete this thought-provoking course.

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